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Oct 17, 2015

Earlier this week, I directed my latest short film,
LOVE ETERNAL, a collaboration from me and my
good friend, Arriana Vasquez. It's a gloriously
gothic tale with the legendary Count Dracula.
More details coming soon!
Sept 15, 2015

New interviews with Kevin Forte, Matthew Forte,
Erica Lee Hammond and Xiomara Forman from
"The Sin Reapers"

Sept 18, 2015

Scrimm and Pandora Crane in bloody action in
the first episode of "The Sin Reapers" Click on
the link below to watch.

The Sin Reapers: Episode 1-Meet The Reapers
Oct 3, 2015

This Friday, October 9, "Wednesday's
Children:Christina" premieres on the Forte Films
Entertainment YouTube Channel at 8 pm. This
continuation of the "Wednesday's Children" saga
focuses on Christina, as she reunites with her
first love, Sarah, during a food run. Christina,
heartbroken, after seeing the effects the zombie
apocalypse has had on Sarah, must make
another fateful choice.
Jan 11, 2016

Watch our latest film, "Love Eternal" now!
Jan 11, 2016

Great news! Our short films, "The Sin Reapers"
and "Wednesday's Children:Christina" will be
screened at the awesome Macabre Faire Film
Festival! The screenings dates for both films are
January 15th and 17th. Tickets to attend

Macabre Faire" can be purchased here:
Jan 11, 2016
Watch "Wednesday's Children:Christina" now!
Wednesday's Children:Christina - A Zombie
Jan 25, 2016

Our time at the Macabre Faire Film Festival was
amazing! "The Sin Reapers" and "Wednesday's
Children:Christina" screenings went very well
and we connected and reconnected with some
really cool people. We're defintely looking
forward to our next trip to "Macabre Faire!"
Jan 31, 2016

Last week, Kevin and I had our first on-air
interview with Gary Scudero, on his QPTV show,
"Talents Unlimited" and we had a spectacular
time!  We'll post the interview online as soon as
we receive a copy of it. Stay tuned!
April 17, 2016

The "Sin Reapers:Ciara" is currently in
production! More updates soon!
July 3, 2016

Watch "The Sin Reapers:Ciara trailer now!
July 3, 2016

"The Sin Reapers:Ciara" will premiere the first of
three episodes on Tuesday, August 2nd on the
Forte Films Entertainment YouTube Channel!
August 6, 2016

Watch "The Sin Reapers:Ciara" Part One, now!

The Sin Reapers:Ciara Part One
September 1, 2016

Watch "The Sin Reapers:Ciara Part Two , now!

The Sin Reapers:Ciara Part Two
September 1, 2016

Watch "The Sin Reapers:Ciara Part Three, now!

The Sin Reapers:Ciara Part Three
September 15, 2016

The Sin Reapers Halloween! Coming in Late
December 19, 2016

Watch "The Sin Reapers Halloween" now!
The Sin Reapers Halloween

December 19, 2016

Earlier last month, I wrote a WEDNESDAY'S
CHILDREN CHRISTMAS short film which I originally
intended to have been filmed, edited and
released online by this Christmas. After a great
deal of reconsideration, I decided to postpone
producing it until sometime possibly next year.
For those interested in reading the WEDNESDAY'S
CHILDREN CHRISTMAS screenplay, click below! :)